Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy

During pregnancy a mother task is to eat a lot and sufficient to provide child nutrition. Thus the mother’s body will increasingly fatter than usual. After pregnancy, any woman would always want to lose weight and Phen24 can help in this. So you know how to lose weight how effective is yet?

Eating black beans pickled

Many women postpartum eat black beans pickled lose weight very fast. In just one month to help women reduce 4kg, efficiency is not it. Eat black beans pickled later before meals to achieve the highest efficiency.

We will teach you how to make black beans pickled so effectively lose weight. You must first fire roasted black beans with small turn, when black bean shells slightly apart, then removed and cooled. After cooled beans then place in a glass and pour vinegar in the ratio of 1: 1.

Then you remember that closing the lid carefully to within 3 to 5 days, then beans will swell to and detachment, now you can eat right then.

Black beans should be soaked with vinegar before a meal to eat. Every time you eat just taking 2 teaspoons is enough. Or you can eat with rice if feeling tired.


Many studies have demonstrated that when breast-feeding mothers regularly and regularly make weight loss fast and efficient.When the mother’s body produces milk and lactation, the energy consumption will be about 500-800 calories per day. This shows that while breastfeeding, mothers can lose weight fast and compact efficiency without time consuming. In order to be effective weight loss requires diet and rest a reasonable way to lose weight is the better place.

You can drink more tea or herbal tea vằng milk helps breastfeeding helps lose weight quickly and safely.

Eating tomatoes

Tomatoes in addition to beautiful skin effect also works to lose weight very quickly. Daily before meals just eat from 2-3 tomatoes or drink tomato juice will work to purify the fat accumulates on the body.Tomato weight loss by many Japanese women to apply, not only for weight loss but also provide nutrients and vitamins necessary for the body, tomatoes helps nourish the skin and protect the skin not to be bronzed.

Tomato reason for weight loss is because tomatoes contain less sweeteners and fat with sugar simultaneously with citric acid in tomatoes to promote the body’s metabolism and burn fat. Lycopene in tomatoes can inhibit the function of the growth of fat cells and absorb the excess fat.

Eating sweet potatoes

Maybe the women are still many people do not know about the benefits of sweet potatoes in weight loss, right? It’s true that sweet potatoes can be extremely useful when you want to lose weight. For women after childbirth can eat sweet potatoes instead of rice makes a very effective weight loss. But this approach can only be for people who do not breastfeed anyway because maybe they do not load the necessary nutrients in breast milk. For those who are breastfeeding can eat potato slices 1 cup of rice per meal replacement will still have to provide enough milk for the baby.

In potato contains vitamins A, B, C and protein, starch, amino acids and essential trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc … .nen with weight loss provided with sweet potato all the necessary nutrients so you do not worry about missing substance. In the sweet potatoes are also rich in fiber can stimulate the stomach so you do not need to worry about constipation.

Drink honey

Honey lot of nice effects like skin, healing, healing … which have included substantial use them to lose weight. In honey contains very low levels of energy, with only 100g honey we acquired 294 calories into the body. However we should not get too much honey, it is not good for the body.