The Vitality Guide for Women A New Direction

For those of you who have been following for a while, you know that what started as a blog has blossomed into a full blown, brick and mortar company, The Vitality Kitchen; and as I have been learning to juggle the demands of a growing company, this place has been left to grow weeds- I apologize for this.

What started as a personal quest to heal my own life and understand how food can be used as medicine, has become my helping people to understand that healthy food is delicious, and vitality is for everyone to claim.

But as I help others achieve their best selves, I’ll be honest, I have, in some ways, lost my own way. It’s ironic that I empower others to put themselves and their wellness first, but as this business has grown, I haven’t been practicing what I preach.

Where once I was asking the question of how I can balance my hormones, now I ask how can I balance a thriving career and a personal life that serves my body and soul. There are so many questions that I have because I want my business to thrive, but not at the expense of my own health. Is it crazy that I want to have it all??

So things are going to change around here.

I want, and need if I’m being a honest, a place to share the struggles of being a young woman in business and how to live a healthy and vibrant life while going after my dreams without mercy. I know there are many women out there just like me, who know that in order to be the best at life, we need to be healthy- but beg the question of how?

So I’m going to open the book of Bianca and share with you honestly, the struggles I face, how I am learning to prioritize me and what success looks like as I try to achieve a work and life equilibrium. And by no means do I believe that I can achieve a balance- in building a business I don’t believe balance is the word; but I do want to share my new journey of being a business woman and attempting to maintain my own sense of vitality, as I help others unlock theirs.

I do hope that you will stay with me on my newest journey of discovery, and I hope that if you are like me, that what I share here can support you as well. We are all in this together.

So WELCOME to the new Vitality Guide for Women.