The Expert Series Julie Daniluk On Inflammation

It is said that inflammation is the root of many illness and disease; leading to minor issues like gingivitis or major concerns like heart disease, stroke and death. This is why Julie Daniluk’s crusade couldn’t be more perfectly timed.

You may know Julie as the resident nutritionist on The Healthy Gourmet, which airs on the OWN Network; but Julie is also a very acclaimed writer and owner of the Big Carrot Natural Food Market, one of the largest of its kind in Canada.

Recently Julie released a literary tome “Meal That Heal Inflammation” that serves as a textbook for those who desire to heal their bodies with the food they eat; the book offers practical information paired with down to earth recipes that are not only flavorful but healing as well. I bought the book and I was floored by the amount of information Julie managed to inject within the pages- it really is an amazing book!

I was so pleased when Julie took a few moments away from her Canadian book tour and television appearances to participate in the experts series; thank you Julie!

So to end the expert’s series, the lovely Julie Daniluk on Inflammation!


You are well known for your meals that heal; but if you could narrow it down to five essential items, what are the most important ingredients to have in a healthy kitchen?

1)    Kale: This form of cabbage is rated one of the highest nutrient-density food. With only 31 calories a cup, it is packed with nutrients.

2)    Arctic char: This fish resembles a salmon but is genetically more closely linked to a trout. It is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, a powerful anti-inflammatory.

3)    Berries: Eating berries daily can significantly reduce inflammation, according to a 2007 study in Journal of Nutrition. Blueberries, one of my all-time favourites, are low on the glycemic index, which means it does not spike your blood sugar. They are also high in fiber, packed with antioxidants and also reduce cortisol, a stress hormone.

4)    Maca Powder: This nutrient dense root vegetable is used to increase vitality and stamina, regulate glandular function and promote hormone balance in men and women. I love using it in smoothies. For more information you can check out this link,

5)    Hemp Seeds: Also known has hemp hearts, these seeds are a powerhouse of protein, EFA, GLA and iron. I put hemp on salads, in smoothies and include them in many other recipes on my website For more information you can check out this link,

In your opinion what is the most important thing to remember when trying to heal ourselves and why?

Be loving and patient with yourself. Give healing time. It often takes years to develop a health problem, so it is reasonable to say it will take time to reverse it. I ask people to commit to the MTHI plan for at least 8 weeks but many will start to feel the results before that time.

In my book Meals That Heal Inflammation, I tell the readers that Chapter 2 “Emotional Pain: Let’s Talk” is the most important chapter in the book. I really mean this!

It is vital to engage in positive self-talk and drop the negative. Negative self-talk such as “I’ll never lose weight” or “I’ll always be in pain”, become a tape loop in your mind that will not help you reach your goals. Reword these messages and rewrite the story line to include your goals.

Many people, who are struggling with weight and pain issues, are also struggling with emotional difficulties. Mental health is key to physical health and having someone such as a therapist to guide you through this journey can help you make lasting changes.

What is one thing that you do every day that contributes to your health?

I practice Yoga every morning. This includes stretching (asanas), chanting and deep breathing (pranayama). These practices keep me grounded and centered for the day’s activities.

I also have dinner for breakfast, meaning I start each day with a good quality protein meal to keep my blood sugar balanced for the day.

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