Love Your Liver with Lemon Juice

Liver health is SO important in the conversation about ultimate vitality. Everything we eat, drink, inhale and slather on our bodies must be cleansed by the liver for our protection- just think of this task and what our livers are asked to do for us every moment of the day; so you can imagine that our livers need some love too.

Drink Lemon and Water
This is becoming a fairly well known technique for liver detoxification, and it’s because it works! Each and every morning when you wake up, before anything passes your lips, drink 2 cups of water with the juice of 1 lemon. You want the water to be room temperature, so that the body doesn’t have to warm it up or cool it down; this way this morning elixir can get down to the business of cleansing.

“But I hate lemon water”

Apple cider vinegar- organic- works just as well. And if you are concerned about tooth enamel, ingest through a straw; I don’t care how you do it, as long as you are doing it!


Total Body Cleanse
Lemon juice cleanses and detoxifies the liver by increasing it’s own detoxifying enzymes. The liver is an essential piece of the health and vitality puzzle, with over 500 functions, many directly related to detox; the adage “a healthy liver is a healthy body” rings very true.

Increased Bile
Gross, yes. Beneficial, 100%!

Bile in addition to fibre help remove toxins from the body; so when you go number two stimulated by lemon juice, you removed more waste products from the system.

An acidic body is a sick body; and lemon juice is acidic, it creates an alkaline response in the body. Lemon juice enhances the digestive secretion, meaning that acidic waste is eliminated more effectively.

Keeps Things Moving in the Right Direction
Constipation sucks- just ask anyone who is. Lemon juice stimulates the gut naturally and more gently than coffee. I can guarantee your bowel movements will improve dramatically by doing this one small daily habit.

You Glow Girl…or Boy!
Initially if your liver is taxed, you will break out on your skin; this is a sign that the liver is starting to effectively remove toxins. But after a few weeks of lemon juice and water your skin will be brighter and the blemishes you experience will be nonexistent. Skin health and digestive/liver health are directly correlated. Skip the lotions and potions and start with real food!

Ensuring that you adopt this habit will have wonderful results in your overall feeling of vitality. But you can meet your lemon quota in other ways too:

Make a lemon vinaigrette- 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Whisk until combined and enjoy on your favourite salad.

Infuse a Green Juice with lemons- kale lemonade is a summer favourite of mine. Juice 4 leaves of kale, 3 lemons, ½ cucumber and 2 granny smith apples for a power boost of green liver love!

I can promise you will astonished at how good you feel after drinking lemon water in as little as 7 days.

Until next time, bottoms up!