Guest Post- Hair Care Tips For Loveable Tresses

While beautifying yourself, what are the things you consider the most?? Let me guess, make-up, clothing, accessories, hair style- all in the pursuit of perfection. So tell me, do you think it’s possible to have a complete look without a proper hair style? 99.99 % of women will likely answer with a loud and resounding “no”. So what are those among us, who have difficulty growing the mane they so desire, to do?

Balding isn’t simply a man’s affliction; knowing how your hair grows, is essential in knowing why it may be falling out.

Women are notorious for being hard on their hair; and self inflected damage is often the main reason behind hair loss. But hair is resilient and can usually withstand the beating you put it through. As an insurance policy and to keep your hair in fighting form, try using a leave in treatment.

Excessive tensions or irritation, otherwise known as stress, is also a very common reason for hair loss. The only cure for this is to relax- I know it’s easier said than done, but try calming activities like yoga or meditation to help get stress under control

There are some prescription medications that can cause hair loss. Blood thinners and cholesterol reduction pills are to blame for hair loss; it can be difficult to stop hair loss from medication. Consulting with a holistic practitioner may help in sourcing a solution to counteract medication induced hair loss.

Females are hormonal beings; and when hormones flow, hairs reduce in size or get stretched; getting so small in fact that the follicle is the only thing that is able to thrive.

Naturally, hair loss is a part of the whole hair growth system but, whenever the amount of hair loss is greater than the amount of hair growth, this is when balding becomes an issue.

Hair loss treatment often begins at home. It is very important to wash your hair regularly, it helps removing the dirt on the scalp, so that the follicles can breathe properly; but know your hair type, as some hair types do not respond well to being washed every day, such as ethnic hair. Hot oil hair massages within regular intervals also proves very beneficial in promoting healthy hair. It increases the blood flow in the scalp, which is the nutrient supply to the scalp.

There are prescription solutions to promote hair growth; but, beware of self prescribing medical solutions. Always consult a doctor before consuming pills for hair growth; as there are different prescription formulations for men and women.

There are some drug free solutions that can help with the problem of hair loss, the troxinator hair massager works by creating friction and promoting blood flow; and blood flow means hair growth!

And lastly, when nothing is helpful there is transplantation; which is becoming more and more common. However this is extreme, and should be considered only after you have tried everything else. It is not only expensive but painful as well. But if you have tried this is a solution and you are the end of your rope, you can rest assured that transplantation will work.