Great Skin with Dermalogica

Dear fellow problem skin sufferer,

My name is Bianca; and I would like to share with you my experience of having problem skin and how I transformed it using what I consider to be the best acne skincare treatment and products available today…
That Was Then

When I was a teenager, I was plagued with acne. It covered not only my entire face, but also my back and chest. Needless to say, it also took a massive toll on my confidence.

It was so bad, that I often felt uncomfortable leaving the house. When I did, I would try to cover my face with my hair or stand attempt to find angles where my skin wouldn’t look so bad. Night time was the only time I felt like I could venture out and not feel so self-conscious. I was miserable.

Out of desperation I tried everything to get rid of my acne: I tried so many different acne skincare products, (some of which even contained harmful chemicals); and my doctor prescribed me different medications; everything that I tried was failing me.

At the age of 21, after years spent trialling many harmful acne skincare treatment and products than I care to remember, my skin was more or less acne free; but it was left dry, flaky and scarred. Instead of having the glowing youthful skin of a woman my age, my skin was aging me by 10 years.
This Is Now!

Today, I am 26 years old and I am a completely different person! My skin is smooth, scar-free, and glows. I receive compliments about my complexion daily– yes ME, the “girl with the bad skin”! If someone had told me that people would be praising my skin, I would not have believed them. Sometimes, I still can’t believe they’re talking about me!

Not only is my skin the picture glowing health, but I can finally say that my skin reflect how I feel on the inside; and it was all possible with the help of the best treatment for adult acne I have found – The Dermalogica line of skincare products. I started using this amazing skincare line almost a year ago – and I am ecstatic to report I haven’t had a breakout since!

As a direct result of using the Dermalogica line of products, I have experienced the correction of:

enlarged pores
uneven skin tone
impurities (breakouts)

I can only speak from experience, and my experience is that this line of products is not only one of the best anti aging treatment products on the market, but also some of the best acne products for mature skin.
Putting My Best Face Forward

Before I found Dermalogica, I was desperate – desperate to have “normal” skin. And now I have better than I can be proud of!

I’d like to share with you my skincare routine with the sincerest hope to help you achieve your clear skin goals.

dermalogica line of skincare products

The Essential Cleansing Solution
iconTo cleanse I use the Essential Cleansing Solution; this hydrating cleanser refreshes and conditions my skin without the use of harsh chemicals that serve only to strip the skin. This was the first Dermalogica product I ever purchased; and I haven’t looked back.

The Daily Microfoliant
Thisicon is a product I use every day; and I cannot express my love for it enough! This gentle exfoliator leaves my skin radiant and smooth; and since I’ve begun using the Daily Microfoliant my lingering acne scars have faded dramatically!

MultiVitamin Body Block SPF 20
iconHigh quality moisture is essential to healthy and vibrant looking skin; as is sun protection, which has made me fall in love with the Multivitamin Body Block SPF 20! This broad spectrum and fast absorbing sun block is an essential to my daily arsenal. My favorite part about it is that it leaves my skin smooth without any greasy residue, which is typical of most sunscreen moisturizers.
Active Moist
iconIn addition to the Body Block is moisturize daily with the Active Moist Moisturizer, this lotion is perfect for oily/combination skin as it reduces shine and breakouts- things that used to plague my skin; and it’s light and oil-free, yet it manages to combat dehydration as it soothes and refines.

Ultra Calming Relief Masque
iconAnd lastly, once a week I use the Ultra Calming Relief Masque; this helps to reduce redness and swelling. When I started using the calming masque my skin was still in transition, and I noticed immediately that it reduced irritation and redness. Now that my skin is clear, I use it once a week as a preventative measure.

Affordable Prevention, Sustained Confidence!

As anti aging treatments and acne prevention products go, they don’t come much better than Dermalogica! These products contain no mineral oils, artificial colors or fragrances, lanoline, denatured alcohols and formaldehyde; and they are 100% non-comedogenic! This moderately priced line made especially for sensitive and reactive skin types has allowed for me to have dramatically improved skin, without breaking my bank.

These incredible products really worked for me – and I have every confidence it can work for you too.

Very best wishes,