Benefits Of Coconut Water

Coconut water. If you haven’t caught wind of the hype surrounding the benefits of coconut water, then you must have been in seclusion! Coconut water is fast becoming the darling of the beverage world, with the benefits associated with drinking it being touted by many.

You see, coconut water is Mother Nature’s Gatorade, serving to replenish lost electrolytes and re-hydrating the body, without all the nasty sugar and additives of the aforementioned sports drink. And as the temperature rises and we lose nutrients through our sweat, the benefits of coconut water become even more important.

I have been drinking coconut water since I was young, as my family hails from the islands, where fresh young coconuts are a part of everyday life; roadside stands selling “Coconut Watah” are a dime a dozen! I’m fairly sure that my grandparents weren’t completely aware of the amazing health benefits of coconut water, as the coconut hype is fairly new; they were simply giving us the goods from the Motherland. Regardless, when I sip coconut water, it reminds me of being a child, visiting my family’s native land.

Today the merits of all things coconut are long and storied, and I am certainly a part of the coconut tribe. So when I was approached by ZICO Coconut water, I thought ” why not”; I’m already drinking the stuff! I rather enjoyed their selections, and they certainly have a great deal to choose from. Lattes, chocolate flavor, from concentrate and not from concentrate, ZICO certainly gives the consumer choice.

After sampling all the flavors, I had some questions, because I believe that we should all be well informed consumers, especially when it comes to “It” foods; healthwashing is real people, and you want to make sure that there is truth in labeling of the products you choose to consume.

Here are the questions I posed to the people at ZICO.

Is your coconut water organic? Why or why not?

ZICO is not certified organic.

I noticed that some you sent me were from concentrate and some were not, why is that? What is the different between the two?

“From concentrate” simply means that the coconut water has had most of the water removed during the production process so that it could be more easily transported and stored, and then has had water added back into it later in the process to bring it back to the same nutritional profile as the original coconut water. Removing water and then adding it back in does nothing to reduce the benefits of the coconut water.

Similar to ZICO’s carton product, ZICO concentrate is produced by hand-harvesting the most delicious and nutritious coconuts from around the world. For ZICO in the bottle, we’ve selected a unique blend of coconut waters from the South Pacific to achieve a unique, consistent taste. By sourcing the best coconuts from around the world, ZICO helps to ensure greater quality and flexibility throughout the supply chain. As the fruit matures, the coconut water is gradually replaced by the coconut meat and air. A young coconut has little meat, but the meat it has is very tender, almost a gel. 

You have a variety of flavors, how do the new flavors stack up nutritionally to the original?

ZICO Original NFC is 100 per cent coconut water; ZICO Chocolate and Latte are 85 per cent coconut water and contain cane sugar. ZICO Chocolate and Latte contain less coconut water to maximize the flavour and consistency of the product. However, even our flavours are natural. In fact, ZICO is the ultimate natural hydration beverage for healthy active living and is loaded with 4 essential electrolytes: sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

My thoughts:
Personally I prefer a product not from concentrate, I just do; but I like that ZICO gives the consumer choice. Life is about choices, no?! And as far the Latte and Chocolate flavor are concerned, if I want chocolate flavored coconut water or a latte, I will make them on my own using raw cacao, organic coffee and something other than cane sugar; though I will freely admit, they were delicious, but slightly unnecessary for me and my needs.

Regardless, the benefits of coconut water  are what make me continue to consume it, especially in the heat; but not from concentrate, pure coconut water is the only product I’m interested in. However, I appreciate ZICO’s attempts to innovate!

The summer heat is in full swing, and the aforementioned benefits of coconut water include super hydration; so here is a a refreshing summer sipper that highlights seasonal fruit and amplifies the benefits of coconut water with extra flavor!

Coconut Strawberry Refresher

1 pint strawberries, washed
3 stem of mint, with leaves
1 cup Not From Concentrate Coconut Water

Juice the strawberries and mint, combine with coconut water; and serve over ice.