Welcome to Vitality Guide For Women, my name is Bianca! I am so happy you found this place. I created Vitality Guide for Women to share my experiences with women like you; and advocate connecting, asking and sharing in an effort to take our health into our own hands.

On Vitality Guide for Women you will find real world culinary inspiration, with a healthy focus. We live in the real world where we aren’t always able to eat raw or organic, but that doesn’t mean we cannot harness the power of food to change our lives for the better. I strive to make Vitality Guide For Women a place where women (and men) can find realistic and approachable advice on how to be their best selves!

Having struggled with my weight for the bulk of my life, I know what it’s like to feel as though achieving optimal health is an insurmountable task; I aim to demystify whole health and wellness by showing you how to prepare food that tastes delicious and does your body good! And guest bloggers will highlight holistic lifestyle tips that will empower your healthy living endeavors.

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